This page is about the Reading Room's COVID rules

The below is based on the requirements we put in place at the height of the pandemic and were required to implement to be COVID secure / operate. It has subsequently been updated as restrictions eased with some parts left as guidance to assist your decision making. 

They are updated to reflect the latest guidance/ rules/ laws as soon as possible after we receive the details from, amongst others,  Wiltshire Village Halls Association, ACRE , Wiltshire Council, HMG etc .

If you believe your group is allowed to hire the hall and can meet the COVID rules / legislation for your group then please contact us!!


Following the July and 9th December announcements the responsibility for deciding any COVID-19 related processes/ restrictions on any event booked at the RR are with the event organiser and individuals.

COVID QR codes signs and general COVID advice signs remain in place along with the hand sanitisers at each entry door. 

Sanitising sprays are also generally available.

We ask that, should you use any room or facility not booked by you then you notify us after the event as a precaution.

Other information which may be useful : (13th December 2021)


The below information is provided to assist hirers in deciding if they can run their event some details may be out of date but may be useful as a guide to you.

At the time when halls had to have a "COVID secure capacity" a maximum number has been agreed for both rooms and set as 18 (Main Hall) and 8 (Lower room). These numbers include ALL participants including organisers/ speakers etc. These are based on the 2 meter rule at the time.


ASs at today (December 2021) any specific event will have to decide an appropriate limit based on the latest COVID guidance, tables/ equipment being used, activities undertaken and, of course limited to an absolute maximum regardless by the licensed capacity of the room. 


The NHS QR code signs for COVID tracking are displayed at several points in the building. 

All event organisers must ensure they meet any required track and trace requirements for all their participants.

The kitchen should only be used for access to drinking water unless otherwise agreed as part of the hire. It would be preferred if users brought their own water bottles.

In general the low usage of the hall at this time means that there is a good time between events.

The criteria that need to be met for general bookings are:


1. The Reading Room (RR) continues to display information about COVID, QR codes, hand sanitiser etc.

2. The actions taken have to be affordable (in financial terms) and manageable within the volunteer time of the committee.

3. That the renters/ hirers are:

  • ​willing to pay any additional costs to sanitize all areas and facilities/ tables/ chairs etc. used if required.

  • willing to obey and enforce all rules and restrictions as defined by the regulations/ laws

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment for the RR is now available (updated 31st August 2020).

Reading Room Management Committee