Reading Room CLOSED until further notice due to the coronavirus.

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LATEST NEWS: (10th September 2020 )


The Committee/ Trustees met (via Zoom) on 10th September again to discuss the current COVID rules and those to be introduced on 14/9 and guidance for village halls, and other community facilities, that have been issued. We will be updating things on the basis of further information expected in the coming days.

For those who want to read the rules/ guidance details we have received the links are provided below.

A COVID secure maximum number has been agreed for both rooms and set as 18 (Main Hall) and 8 (Lower room). These numbers include ALL participants including organisers/ speakers etc.

It may be that any specific event will have to set a limit lower than that above for example because tables are in use or people are lying on the floor for an exercise class.

As at 14/9 any group of greater than 6 will need to split into subgroups of no more than 6 who must not socialise across groups. {Unless they are exempt e.g health classes, which have different rules}.

It is still the case that there is no prospect of the Reading Room re-opening for general bookings, coffee mornings, cinema nights, parties etc. in the near future.

From 14th September the names and contact details of any/all users/ attendees will need to be lodged with our bookings officer immediately after the event/meeting.

The criteria that need to be met for general bookings are:


1. The Reading Room (RR) has to meet the Government, Health England and any other COVID regulations both overall and with respect to any unique limitations of the RR; specially given physical layout of the building.

2. The actions taken have to be affordable (in financial terms) and manageable within the volunteer time of the committee.

3. There is an identified need to re-open driven by local users wanting to come back and use the RR; and that the renters/ hirers are:

  • ​willing to pay the additional costs to sanitize all areas and facilities/ tables/ chairs etc. used.

  • willing to obey and enforce all rules and restrictions as defined by the regulations/ laws

We do not feel that, while the current rules exist, we can responsibly re-open for general bookings at present.

If anyone feels that there is an exceptional situation/ exemptions allowed that means they would like to hire the RR given the above, then please contact us and the committee will consider against the background of the national guidance and rules prevailing at the time and the specific request. 


The COVID-19 Risk Assessment for the RR is now available (updated 31st August). Will be updated to reflect announcements of 9/9. 

Latest information from ACRE (for 4th July)

Government Advice for multi-purpose community facilities (regularly updated)

Reading Room Management Committee (10th September 2020)

Reading Room "Refurbishment or Build New project"

The discussion paper is still available.

The survey closed on May 10th.

Survey summary results


Other offerings from our RR Users and others in the village at this time


An interactive group offering PE ,Fun fitness , activity ideas for families and kids . Ideal for home schooling parents who may need a tea break at 3pm !! 

Use the Corsley Playing Field for exercise? Here are the rules.

Corsley sites that might be useful at this time

The Cross Keys Hub (Community Support Group & Pop up shop)

The Bridge  (Site)

The Bridge (July Edition)

Corsley Village Group Facebook page

Old links you might find useful on the COVID page

  • Mental Health Support and Advice (ex Wiltshire added 21/4)

  • Wiltshire Active Communities Resources (added 10th April)

  • Beware of misinformation (added 3/4)

  • Wiltshire Guidance on Volunteering (added 1/4)

  • Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub announced (31/2)

  • Wiltshire Council's Volunteer pack (updated 30/3)

  • Link to sign up for Wiltshire Council News (added 28/3)

  • Volunteering for NHS responder

  • WCA Resources Hub link

  • Wilts and Swindon Response Fund

  • Other Corsley websites that might be useful at this time.

  • Wiltshire's COVID19 site - for Wiltshire Council services and more

Please email if you  want your organisation / offering linked on here. This is ONLY for in village support in these unusual times.

If you are aware of things that could be added to help then please make contact. CONTACT/ EMAIL

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