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The building has the character to be expected in one built in the 1890s. It has two main rooms comprising, a large hall and a smaller meeting room. Each main room is accessible independently if two seperate functions are happening at the same time.



The Main Hall is 11.9 metres by 7.4 metres and is 3 metres high. It is licensed to hold 80* or 100* people seated depending on the event style and 100 standing.

The Lower Room is 6.6 metres by 7.5 metres and is licensed for 40* or 60* seated depending on the event and 60 standing. There is a small wall mounted electric projection screen in this room.

* Please note the capacity numbers above INCLUDE any/all staff/ performers etc.

Kitchen / Bar area


The small but pleasant bar area measures 4.4 metres by 4.2 metres.
It is equipped with a bar, fridge and a selection of glasses. The sale of alcohol requires our agreement to use our licence ( or if we decline then a licence from the local authority can be obtained by the hirer which requires using the Temporary Event Notice (TEN) system and our approval has to also be given before such application).


The well equipped kitchen includes an electric hob, two ovens and a fridge and table to prepare and serve food. A commercial dishwasher and hot water  boiler for tea/coffee etc. Crockery and cutlery as well as table cloths are available. A small freezer is also available (Feb 2018).

It is a hiring requirement that all facilities are left as found and all kitchen waste product and litter is to be removed from the site. Plastic bin bags are normally provided. We reserve the right to charge for any cleaning required.

Please bring our own tea towels/ towels for drying etc. Paper hand towels are provided.  Also bring your own sharp carving knives if you require such as for H&S reasons we do not supply.

Tables / Chairs


10 round (4 foot diameter) and 12 rectangular tables are normally available with the main hall as well as 64 chairs. The lower room has another 4 rectangular tables and normally over 36 chairs. Additionally there are some 6 "card tables". The use of these is included in the hire fee. By agreement extra chairs may be brought from the lower room to the main hall if required, so long as they are returned to lower room  after use.

Wifi / Telephone

 There is NO telephone line. The service we have is for broadband only.

Wifi access and password details are posted in both main rooms. Guaranteed speed to router by our ISP is 35Mbps. It may be up to 50Mbps.Speed at your device will depend on the device and if you connect by 2.4 Ghz or 5Ghz.  It is probable that only the 2.4 will work in the Lower Room. both work well in the Main Hall.


The location is currently licensed for the following: Music, Plays, Entertainment, Movies from 10am until midnight (11pm on Sundays) and alcohol sales 10am to midnight (1am on Friday and Saturday).

NOTE: To show any specific movie an additional licence is required. We also do NOT have a TV Licence.


Use of our alcohol licence requires an application to us and our written agreement. Alternatively a TENS may be applied for but again requires our  approval before application is made to Wiltshire Council.


As a courtesy to the local neighbours all events must conclude at the time contracted for or by midnight at latest unless otherwise agreed with the Management Committee.

Car Park

There is parking at the rear of the building for 17 cars with one space marked for "disabled" if that is required.

Parking is also possible on the "triangle" on the opposite side of the A362 closer to (and on opposite side of the road to) the Royal Oak Public House.

Users are asked not to park on the hill/lane immediately outside the hall for safety reasons

Projector and screen

The Main Hall has a ceiling mounted projector, electric screen and audio which can be made available on request. Connection is by HDMI.

The lower room has a wall mounted screen and a free standing projector may be made available.

Other facts you need to know

Heating and power for all areas, including the kitchen appliances, is by £1  & £2 slot meters. Lighting is included in the hire fee.


Users are requested not to wear stiletto heels or other footwear that can damage the wooden floors.

NO Blutack/ or other tape on the walls please.


Users are expected to leave the premises as they found them and take ALL  their rubbish away.

Last update January 2024

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