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The Corsley Reading Room was one of many in the UK built between the mid nineteenth century and the mid twentieth century. It was opened in 1892 by the then Lord Bath. Today it is the village hall with facilities suitable for the village of Corsley and the hamlets that are part of the parish.


Individuals and groups based in Corsley and beyond can hire the facilities.


It is used for events as diverse as Parish Council meetings, weddings, parties, Pilates / Yoga classes, coffee mornings, education sessions, wine tastings, and much more.


Due to the building's age and design some parts are not easily wheelchair accessible, though the front entrance, main hall and toilet for the disabled are on the same level and accessible.




The facility is run by a management committee of trustees and volunteers.


The trustees elects the officers and runs the facility on a day to day basis and do so voluntarily.


The organisation is a registered charity.


Contact can be made with the following officers by email :,,


as appropriate if required.

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