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Bouncy Castles - Essential information
with effect 8th January 2023 until 24th December 2023

We know children like Bouncy Castles and we are happy to have them in the hall and will normally agree to bouncy castles provided the right insurance is in place. 


We have (with effect from 7th January)  taken out additional insurance to cover YOU (the bouncy castle hirer) for liability provided the bouncy castle (or similar) is set up by an insured and appropriately trained professional .

You may prefer to have the installer remain on site and oversee its use in which case they should have this appropriate (additional) liability insurance.

We have taken out this insurance as it is certainly cheaper for us to do so than for individual hirers to insure for themselves as one off events.

There will be an additional charge added to the hall hire fee of £10 for the use of this insurance.

From our insurance company: 

Bouncy castle liability is for third party injury or damage under Hirers Liability. 

This cover is required if a hirer is supervising the use of a bouncy castle themselves, this cover for any incidents where they may be legally liable or negligent.

It is a  requirement of cover for hirers to follow HSE guidelines :    

Bouncy castles and other play inflatables: safety advice (

Our insurance is with Zurich  Policy number VVH 2720278283 via

 Make an insurance claim | Zurich Municipal

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