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Music and Film Licences guidance




Playing of recorded music requires two forms of licence


1. The premises need to be licenced for such - The Corsley Reading Room is licenced for both live and recorded music

2. A PRS (Performing Rights Society) licence is required for playing any recorded / streaming music in the hall - The Corsley Reading Room has such a licence covering all users.

FILM/ Streamed TV etc

To show a copyright film (DVD, streaming, etc) is more complex.


It requires two forms of licence:


1. The premises need to be licenced for such - The Corsley Reading Room is.


2. A fee is payable per film/ showing and this has to be arranged by the hirer. Details are available on the web on various sites, MPLC (Motion Picture Licensing Company)  is a suggested source of information and very helpful and are contactable by phone if you have a query.  

For clarity, MPLC have stated that the law requires that such a licence be obtained for ANY showing of such media in such halls. It does not matter if the event is open to the paying public or private. You can only watch/ show such without paying the additional licence in a recognised domestic property (home).


If there is sufficient interest/ demand then the Reading Room could take out an annual licence to cover such events, and would then recover the fee by charging hirers a supplemental charge to recover the annual costs. However this blanket licence would  not allow you to charge an entry fee to see the film or advertise it in the normal way. Again full information is available on the MPLC site. We will look into this if there is demand.  

Please note the RR does NOT have a TV licence and when we showed films we paid the license fee required per film.



Page last updated 7th June 2023


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