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Food preparation

If preparing or cooking food you MAY have to register with the local authority. In general this does not apply to adhoc events.

" EU food hygiene law requires the registration of those operations or activities where food is supplied -
whether given away free or sold for some form of monetary or other return – which are deemed to be:
“..undertakings, the concept of which implies a certain continuity of activities and a certain degree
of organisation”.

A community hall kitchen will not need to be registered as a food business on its own, even if it used by several volunteer groups. Registration only applies to (e.g.) a group using the community hall kitchen if their food activities meet the description of an undertaking*.

Of course, groups using halls should ensure the kitchen areas are kept clean. The hall management should ensure it is structurally sound and meets any other relevant legislation.

*e.g. lunch clubs, community cafes, nursery groups providing meals, etc. "

To help decide if you may need to register the FSA documentation giving examples of events that do and do not have to register.

It is the hirer and event organiser who are responsible for registering their activity , not the village hall.

The full document can be accessed :

Pages 13,14,and 15 give examples of does and does not have to register.

If you need to register then the form is available from Wiltshire Public Protection Services on the website::

Any questions should be referred to Public Protection North :

25/5/18  last reviewed  Novenber 2023

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