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Corsley Film Festival 2024
Part of the London Mountain Film Festival
The results!

Woman with Camera

We are very pleased by the feedback received about the event and the films on both the public dates and the two private showings.

Attendees were asked to subjectively rate the films High / Medium or Low as a way of us understanding what people really liked or disliked out of the 18 films we have selected to show across the two evenings.

They were also invited to write any other comments, there were no real messages to be drawn from the comments other than that people liked the cabaret style layout.


We should also comment that on the second Friday it did prove a challenge to get the sound level right both one film to the next and in come cases within the film itself.  This resulted in some comments that it was either too loud or too quiet at times. Sorry about that!

The overall analysis of the HML and the resultant ranking is:

23rd February

8th March


The points are calculated by allocating 4 pts for high, 2 for medium and 1 for Low and then adding.  It makes little difference to ranking compared to doing on the basis of % High.   

If you want a description of each film and the duration, then you can  click on the date links here :  23 Feb    8th March 

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