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Reading Room Refurbishment status

The position as at August 2023

The re-tiling of the main roof has completed and the scaffold should be down soon which will then allow some final small works to be done to fully complete the job.


During this work the carpark will have less capacity and there may be some noise apparent to any day time users. Additional parking is available on the triangle by the bus shelter.

Insulation has been added above the false ceiling to reduce the heat loss further.


Other improvements we will be seeking to make in the future include renewing the heating system with more efficient options, (perhaps including solar),  general refurbishment and decoration, etc.  

This work is the culmination of many months of effort and delay due to the pandemic etc. 

The trustees were advised that it was not sensible to try and re-use the existing tiles as they, being over 100 years old, are near the end of their life and. as was expected, many broke up on removal. The tiles used are as close as possible to those on the kitchen extension.

We received three grants from Garfield Weston, The Foyle Foundations and the National Lottery Community Fund to all of whom we give our grateful thanks. We also thank local company TMTI for their donation and Callaway Scaffolds.





Read about how to donate specifically to the refurbishment programme and demonstrate your support. Click here.

All funds collected via this JustGiving facility will be ring fenced for maintenance of the building.



Some of the photos were taken by the roofer Louis Peard when up on the roof/ scaffolding.

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