Details on the options for the Reading Room

Updated 21st May 2021

Thank you for your interest and special thanks if you were one of the 77 people who took the time to complete the survey by midnight on 15th May 2021.

​The summary numerical results of the May 2021 Survey are available as a document here. (Added 17th May)


Trustee Statement following discussion on the numerical results and preliminary reading of comments. (Added May 21st)


If you want to remind yourself of the exact questions asked you can access the survey in "printed" form here.


If you want to remind yourself of why we need to address this matter then please read the paper published in March 2020 about the background as the trustees saw it then. Due to the pandemic not much has changed!

For reference :

The original page of information about this 2021 survey on this site and in the The Bridge.


The result of the March 2020 survey here.  Less than 30 people answered it.